About Us

South Bay Independent has been providing affordable and top notch servicing for BMW’s for decades. Located in Gardena, California, SBI specializes specifically in BMW’s. Whether you own a new 7 series, or are driving a 1971 2002ti, we can make sure your BMW always runs the way it should.

One of the biggest advantages we give our customers that they won’t get at the dealership is that we make all preventative maintenance cost effective. For example if you have a problem with your car and we need to replace a major piece of equipment, we make sure to give you some cost effective options.

When fixing cars labor can often be redundant, if we can take care of some preventative maintenance issues without any additional labor charges we will certainly let you know about it.

We will always work with your budget, if you can’t afford a particular repair, we will figure out a way to make your car work for you at a price you can afford. We have a reputation for being honest about your car. Whether it is about a rust problem that’s going to cost more to repair than the car is worth, or that troubling noise you keep hearing is merely a simple fix we will do for free, we will give it to you straight.

Come on in and see our small, personal staff and we will take care of both you and your vehicle. At SBI we are committed to making your BMW an affordable car to maintain and own for many years to come.